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2 Miller Avenue
Mill Valley, CA 94941

(415) 383-2912

M-W, 6:30-9; Th-F, 6:30-10; Su 6:30-9

At Bonavita Coffee & Tea, Sal Bonavita and Arnold Spinelli do what they have loved doing for thirty years. They make great coffee.

Arnold and Sal learned the skills of selecting, developing and roasting coffee from Alfred Peet, the pioneer who founded Peet’s Coffee & Tea. Sal is the former owner of Peet’s Coffee and Tea and Coffee Imports International. Arnold was the president and co-founder of Spinelli Coffee Company with stores in San Francisco, Marin and Singapore.

Now Arnold and Sal have brought it back home. At Bonavita Coffee & Tea they choose the best coffee and roast it to bring out the distinctive regional flavor of the beans. Over the years they have acquired an appreciation of fine tea and chocolate. In the store they offer a selection of tea and chocolate with the same care and attention that a locally owned and operated business can offer.

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